Voices of Venezuela

Country of Implementation: Colombia
Focus Area: People
Funding Tier: 1 (Ideas)
Country of Incorporation: Colombia
Contact Person: Jason Rovig
Contact Info: jason@artforimpact.org
Website: voicesofvenezuela.com

More than a third of the five million Venezuelans who have left the country now live in Colombia, adding up to more than 1.8 million people⁠—1 in 15 Venezuelans. While Colombians are generously hosting Venezuelans, many Venezuelans in Colombia face challenges in accessing food, basic health care, housing, employment opportunities, and financial services.

Voices of Venezuela is a Venezuelan- and Colombian-led media project to empower Venezuelan migrants and build community integration. With a team of Venezuelans and Colombians collaborating together, the project seeks to provide essential information about accessing services in Colombia and culturally informed media programs to build self-reliance, reduce xenophobia, and prevent conflict.

The media programs range from dynamic informational videos and infographics to public dialogues about the shared history of the two countries, in order to promote integration and provide clear information about how to access visas, work and residency permits, bank accounts, health services, and employment opportunities.

The BetterTogether Challenge is a global initiative to crowdsource, fund, and scale forward-thinking solutions from anywhere in the world to support Venezuelans and host communities affected by the regional crisis. BetterTogether is a partnership of the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Inter-American Development Bank.

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